Superman Wearing Darth Vader's Suit? "Space Power Warriors" - Bootleg Star Wars Toys from the 1990s!

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Do you remember the time that Superman flew to a galaxy far, far away and stole Darth Vader’s red suit and lightsaber? Me neither, but apparently in the 1990s designers of the bootleg Star Wars toy line “Space Power Warriors” did!

Superman Vader Space Power WarriorSuperman Vader Space Power Warrior Recently I got out some old plastic storage totes and started rummaging around. Inside were a lot of childhood and teenage possessions of mine that I hold dear… then there were these things! Throughout the 90’s I got on the kick of buying certain toys, usually Star Wars based, to just “hold on to”. Maybe something inside me thought I’d strike it rich selling these things like others did with Beanie Babies?  HA!  Inside the tote, among a few other knock off and counterfeit Star Wars toys, were these labeled “Space Power Warriors”. I bought these at a pharmacy in southeastern Ohio in the mid-1990s when I drove my Grandmother to pick up her medicine. I recall killing time inside as prescriptions were being filled and browsing at the toy section. I couldn’t believe the OBVIOUS Star Wars bootlegs staring back at me for sale in this big chain pharmacy! They only had Darth Vader and two versions of a Vader body with Superman/Clark Kent’s head – one with a black suit and the other dressed in red! For $1.99 how could I pass these up? So I bought a few of each. Darth Vader Space Power WarriorDarth Vader Space Power Warrior

There really isn’t a lot of information out there when you Google “Space Power Warriors”, but you can find photos of various figures posted on Star Wars and toy message boards and various Reddit threads. It appears there were also a Boba Fett, Qui-Gon Jinn, and a Stormtrooper as well.  There are also some variations of Star Wars themed artwork on the cheaply produced packaging. And speaking of cheaply produced, these figures really are!  At nearly 10” tall, these toys are a super thin blow molded figure with a rubber head. I think a lose 3 ¾” vintage Kenner Star Wars figure weighs about the same or even more than these things!  There is nothing printed on the back of the card, and the front says JAMSOUND – Made in China with a bar code.

Being a Star Wars nut, I couldn’t resist buying them back in the day, but these days I just shake my head. They are so bad they are funny, and I’m probably not going to be heading to the Porsche dealer after I sell these guys one day!

These two toys and more are currently for sale on my eBay page found by clicking HERE!

Superman Vader Space Power WarriorSuperman Vader Space Power Warrior

Darth Vader Space Power WarriorDarth Vader Space Power Warrior


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