Oak Acorn Gumball Machine Tutorial

So you've just bought an old gumball machine at an antique store or off of the internet?  Cool!  Even cooler if it's an old Acorn gumball machine!  Those are my personal favorites.  They are built like a tank and will last you a lifetime.  The Oak Manufacturing Company made the Acorn machine debuting it in 1949 and it was largely left unchanged throughout its decades long run!  Most of these changes were shape and sizes of the chutes, various vending wheels, lid embossment variations, globe sizes and embossments, and of course the coin mechanism values as they went from a penny machine, then up and up!

Anyhow, if your reading this you want to know how to put your gum inside the machine or how to get out those coins you hear rattling around inside!   Please watch this quick tutorial video:


Click here to take a look at some of my past gumball machine restorations!


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