Fender Blackface Amplifier Gumball Machine

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Vintage Northwestern Model 60 Gumball Machine

With a Fender Blackface Amplifier Theme

First off, Happy New Year 2024! I hope everyone reading finds health, happiness, and success in this new year!

Today's post isn't exactly something new that I've been working on, but more about something that I've finally completed after several years. I don't talk much about it on my website but one of my passions is music and guitar in particularly. I've played the guitar now over 30 years, been in bands, recorded, left bands, and generally had a blast with what is probably been one of my longest running hobbies. In 2017 I wanted a gumball machine for my music room at the house, and I decided to theme it like a Fender Blackface amplifier - inspired by a Deluxe Reverb that I played through at that time. While almost all of my restorations are exclusively Oak Acorn gumball machines, this time I wanted something different. I chose an older Northwestern Model 60 gumball machine, partly because besides the Acorn gumball machine (as well as the Ford that I already have out) and the Northwestern were the ones that I saw at grocery stores the most while growing up. But another big reason was the unique right and left panels on the Northwestern's front that typically had a Mylar silver stickers placed on them for decoration. I saw this as an opportunity to make waterslide decals of the amp's grill cloth to make it really look like a guitar amplifier.

So I did the restoration, and then the machine just sat empty for years and years as a prop in my music room. On two occasions I had two different friends tell me that I should put guitar picks inside the machine, so after years I did that this past Friday night! I bought a bag of 250 empty gumball capsules and then proceeded to fill them with guitar picks that I have collected or found their way into my home over the decades.  Many of these were from NAMM shows, guitar shops, gifts, manufacturer giveaways, and simply old picks that I had tried but just didn't work out for me. The standard sized guitar pick fit perfectly in to the tiny acorn shaped capsules and they work perfect in the machine as you can see below! I've also included a photo of this amp with what it looked like before, during, and after restoration.

This gumball machine is not for sale and it lives with me. 

FenderNorthwestern_1FenderNorthwestern_1 FenderNorthwestern_2FenderNorthwestern_2 FenderNorthwesternBeforeDuringAfterFenderNorthwesternBeforeDuringAfter


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