About My Custom Gumball Machines Restorations

Texaco Acorn Gumball MachineTexaco Acorn Gumball MachineTexaco Gasoline Acorn Gumball machine - a vintage Oak Acorn Gumball Machine Restored and Re-themed to a Texaco Gas Machine by Kanauga Kool

Growing up I had a beloved Uncle that always had the neatest things at his house.  One year he got a gumball machine.  It was one of those inexpensive antique looking Carousel gumball machines that you easily find for sale at a big box store or online, but to my young eyes it was amazing!  You could have your own gumball machine AT HOME?  I found myself saying the same thing about pinball machines and arcade games also when I saw the 80's TV show 'Silver Spoons'!  As a kid I knew I wanted a gumball machine for my place when I grew up, so I bought my first one when I was off to college 25 years ago.  Not being content with how it looked stock, I started changing it's colors, adding decals, etc.  Over time, I found myself really attracted to the Oak Acorn gumball machine and that's primarily what I would look for.  They were old, had glass globes, parts were available, plenty of smooth surface area to ad decals, were tough, and they had a really cool design!  I started customizing my own, and then as friends and family started seeing them I started doing it for their homes as well.  I've also toyed around with Northwesterns, Victors, Fords, and others, but my heart really lies with the old reliable Acorn.  Unfortunately, the old Acorns are starting to get a bit tougher to find these days, especially with good chrome on the coin mechs, and good glass globes!  The Northwesterns with glass globes seem to be easier to come across out in the wild, and they make a nice machine.

The video below takes a closer look at my gumball machine restoration process.

Oak Acorn Gumball Machine Restoration, by Kanauga Kool

Currently, I do not have ANY gumball machines available to sell. If this changes I will edit this message, but please enjoy the gallery of my past work below!

Click HERE for my past gumball machine restorations gallery!

Click HERE if you need help on how to refill your Acorn gumball machine or how to remove the coins!

  Northwestern Model 60 Fender Guitar RestorationNorthwestern Model 60 Fender Guitar RestorationVintage Northwestern Model 60 Gumball Machine Restored and re-themed with a Fender Electric Guitars Theme.

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