Just Off The Bench! DIT-MCO / SPECO Drive-In Movie Speakers with Hanging Baskets!

March 16, 2024  •  Leave a Comment


How is it halfway through March already? To mix it up, I've been mostly working on old Acorn gumball machines so far this year. But this past week I felt like doing another drive-in speaker set. While I've restored several sets with speaker hanging baskets, it dawned on me that I'd never done a DIT-MCO / SPECO set with baskets, even though I had several baskets for them in the shop! So here we have it!  By the way, The Drive-In Theatre Manufacturing Company (or DIT-MCO) eventually became SPECO (Systems & Products Engineering Company) in 1980, as far as the "drive-in" products are concerned. DIT-MCO, as a company, still exists and has been involved in testing equipment for the military and engineering firms for decades.  Anyhow...

These vintage drive-in speakers have been completely restored inside and out, feature Bluetooth, MP3 player, hanging speaker baskets, a matching junction box all sitting on a custom handmade stand. My stands are 3/8" plate steel laser cut to a 14" diameter with a 2" schedule 40 steel pipe holding up all the fun stuff! The best part about these old speakers is the hours and hours of cool stuff from the 1950s and 1960s that start playing as soon as you flip on the power switch!

Below is a video of this speaker set in action and a few more photos!



DIT-MCO / SPECO Drive-In Speakers with Hanging Baskets, Bluetooth & MP3DIT-MCO / SPECO Drive-In Speakers with Hanging Baskets, Bluetooth & MP3




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