The End of Classic Monsters Cafe at Universal Studios?

May 14, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

The End of Classic Monsters Cafe at Universal Studios?

I've been reading rumors the past few weeks that Universal Studios' Classic Monsters Cafe at Universal Studios Florida would be shutting its doors forever and it would be re-themed in the near future.  It looks like this is the case, unfortunately.  Apparently the doors have been closed and it is said that it will be turned into a Minion themed restaurant, most likely to coincide with the Minion ride that will replace the old Shrek 3D.  While I don't really have anything against The Minions, it's really sad to see what little representation there is of the old Universal Studios' Monsters - you know the monsters that pretty much saved the studio during the depression?  

Universal Studios Florida is currently building "Universal's Epic Universe" a few miles down the road from the current park.  A Super Nintendo World is being constructed as part of it, and supposedly they are planning a Universal Monsters "World".  I sincerely HOPE that the CLASSIC monsters of Lon Chaney, Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney Jr, Ben Chapman, Riccou Browning, Claude Rains, & Glenn Strange will be properly represented with the recognition they deserve!  And how about some HITCHCOCK there as well?  I know most kids these days have no idea who these people are, but some people's kids do (like yours truly!).  I just hope they do this RIGHT if they are going pillage what's left of the old Universal at the other parks.  

So sadly, farewell to the Classic Monsters Cafe!  I hope we see these Kreeps again!  Thanks for the memories!




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