Just off the bench! The Whitesburg Drive-In Theatre Speakers - Huntsville, Alabama

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Just Off the Bench!  The Whitesburg Drive-In Theatre

Speaker Set from Huntsville, Alabama

Whitesburg Drive-In Fire 1980Whitesburg Drive-In Fire 1980
Here is a blast from Huntsville, Alabama's past! These are original Koropp speakers from the long gone Whitesburg Drive-In Movie Theatre in Huntsville, Alabama, which operated from 1949 to 1979 and was brought down in a controlled burn in 1980! These speakers were in very rough shape, but have been completely restored inside and out and now sit on a Soundmaster junction box just like they used to back in the day! If you don't know where the Whitesburg was, it's now exactly where Publix stands on the corner of Whitesburg Drive and Airport Road in Huntsville.

Click this video below to see these speakers in action, and some amazing photos of the Whitesburg Drive-In!

The best part about these vintage speakers is they have now been brought into the 21st century and now feature a Bluetooth connection and an MP3 player! So you can simply connect your phone, tablet, or device via Bluetooth and play your favorite music through these vintage speakers - OR listen to the over 100 pre-loaded vintage drive-in theater ads, gasoline ads, vintage automobile ads, soda ads, and even some classic B-movie trailers with the flip of a switch! This set is sitting on a heavy duty steel stand and the insides have all new wiring, speaker drivers, potentiometers, and electronics!

Whitesburg Drive-In Speakers, Huntsville, ALWhitesburg Drive-In Speakers, Huntsville, AL
A big thank you to Huntsville Revisited for having a recording of Dewey Webb's end of day closing announcement! Having that on this speaker set makes it even more special! You can watch their video here: https://youtu.be/XCMSS3dQ_SQ

Many of the black and white Whitesburg photos in the slideshow I am going to assume were taken by photographers with the Huntsville Times, but I can't find any solid information on that. They have been shared multiple times through websites, groups, social media, and other outlets over the decades and I'd be happy to give credit if someone can verify them properly.

Whitesburg Koropp SpeakerWhitesburg Koropp Speaker










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