New Art Prints For Sale!

March 03, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

New Art Prints by Kanauga Kool for sale in my ART SHOP!

New Art Prints By Kanauga KoolNew Art Prints By Kanauga Kool

These new art prints are fresh off the presses!  I'm excited to have two brand new prints and two reprints that I had sold out of before. 

Kanauga Kool with Macca PrintKanauga Kool with Macca PrintPaul McCartney by Kanauga Kool, available as a Fine Art Print in the Art Store at First off, my Paul McCartney art print is a new one and I'm super excited as I had just got tickets one of his upcoming shows right after the print arrived from the printers!  Paul was hand drawn my me and colored with Copic and Micron markers, with a digital background.  I wanted to capture an animation style visualization of him on The Ed Sullivan Show!  So of course, I have him holding his trusty Hofner Violin bass in the spotlight.  

Second is my 'King Wiener" art that you may have seen in other forms before.  If you know me, it's no secret that I like Hot Dogs and Elvis, and I can just imagine this guy rocking out on your local drive-in movie screen telling you to head to the snack bar!

Next is my 'Deputy Limpet' art.  This is a mashup drawing of the late, great Don Knotts as Barney Fife and The Incredible Mr. Limpet - two of his iconic characters!  I'll probably write more about this drawing in another blog entry later, but this piece was done by hand with Copic markers.

And finally, the amazing Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha Stevens in the classic 1960's comedy 'Bewitched', but with a Harry Potter twist - wearing her Gryffindor colors!  This is a slightly different reprint than from before.  A few years back I did this piece without the moon and on textured Torchon paper and much smaller.  

All of these prints measure 11"x14" and have been professionally printed on a 0.43mm thick, hot pressed, 100% cotton smooth matte art paper.  They will look great matted and framed up!  Each print is $25 with free shipping (Continental USA Only) and to order one, just send me a message at [email protected]

And please check out my ART SHOP page to see other original drawings and art prints that I have for sale!



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