Merry Christmas from Kanauga Kool! - SPECO / DITMCO Bluetooth Drive-In Speakers on a Short Stand

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Short SPECO - Merry Christmas 2023Short SPECO - Merry Christmas 2023

Merry Christmas! I hope that this time of the year finds you well, and I want to take a moment to post thanking those of you that I've met this past year, as well as the years previously. This past year saw my website explode with over 22,000 visits in the last 12 months, and it just blows my mind! It's amazing to think this little fun hobby, as well as the vintage photos and antiques, have garnered that much response. I am truly thankful.   

I just finished these speakers up a few days ago. Once again, I've used a pair of SPECO / DITMCO "Drive-Ins" that were originally designed by the engineers at RCA. In my opinion this style of drive-in speaker is probably one the best sounding design there is. There is something about the shape and just enough free space in the speaker casting project farther with a wider range of frequencies. Like always with my restorations this set features Bluetooth and a built in MP3 player already loaded with hundreds and hundreds of vintage drive-in ads, car commercials, soda pop, candy, gas station, and other goodies from the 1950s and 1960s that start playing at the flick of the switch! This time I've placed them on a short table top stand that I built in the shop with a heavy, 10" laser cut, 3/8" steel base plate for stability. These short stands make it easier to have one of these at home, office, or shop as you can put them just about anywhere!

Below is a video of this speaker set in action and a few more photos!

Table Top SPECO with Red AccentsTable Top SPECO with Red Accents

Table Top SPECO with Red AccentsTable Top SPECO with Red Accents






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