Captain John Lavra, USN, Retired - Shot Down Behind Enemy Lines

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Captain John Lavra, USN, Retired - Shot Down Behind Enemy Lines - In His Own Words

I'm really excited to announce a new page that I've added to my website dedicated to Captain John Lavra, USN, Retired.  I've known "Captain John" all of my life as he is married to my Dad's cousin. He is a retired naval aviator that served in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam and has more stories than you can shake a stick at! Earlier this year I took my parents to his house for a visit and I recorded the Captain retelling the story of him being shot down in his Douglas Skyraider over North Korea in 1952. It is a fascinating story and I'm very happy to share this video of him recalling being shot down, the bail out, sustaining horrific injuries, survival, and the rescue!  Captain John is one hell of a man!

Please Click The Photo Below To Visit The Captain John Lavra Story and Video!

Captain John Lavra CollageCaptain John Lavra Collage
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