Reed Speaker Set from the Cuba Drive-In Theatre, Cuba, New Mexico - With Bluetooth & MP3

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If you've followed my Bluetooth drive-in speaker restorations for awhile, you'll notice that this is a little bit different than what I typically do. I left the old patina on this Reed speaker set and junction box just as they've sat at the drive-in for decades. I've done this a few times, one being a set mounted on the wall in my basement garage, and another for a friend to match the patina on his hot rod. Of course, inside these speakers is an entirely different story! Like my usual restorations these have the same new electronics, new speaker drivers, new wiring, and are still loaded pre-loaded with hours and hours of vintage advertisements, as well as B-movie trailers, vintage car ads, soft drink commercials, and other goodies from the 1950s and 1960s! 

This particular set is mounted on a very short stand, and the actual speaker set itself is just under 12" tall.  So this is perfect for a countertop that might have some lower hanging cabinets over top, or for a place this is short on space. These speakers are marked to have come from the Cuba Drive-In Theatre in Cuba, New Mexico. I'm having a hard time finding much out about that particular drive-in, as all I have found in Cuba, NM was the short lived Placita Hills Drive-In. Possibly this speakers is from there? If you happen to know more about the "Cuba Drive-In" that was in Cuba, NM please drop me a line at my Contact page above!

Below is a video of this speaker set in action and a few more photos!

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