Just off the Bench... SPECO Bluetooth Drive-In Movie Speakers with Red Glo-Top & Speaker Baskets!

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Just off the Bench...

SPECO Drive-In Movie Speakers with Red Glo-Top & Speaker Baskets!

This beautiful drive-in in movie speaker set consists of two original SPECO "Drive-In's" speakers that are from the now gone Cascade Drive-In that was in West Chicago, Illinois. The speakers have been restored with new speaker drivers, wiring, red knobs, and red speaker screens. When you lower the lights or night falls the junction box, now outfitted with a red Glo-Top, gives off a nice warm red glow when on... so your car doesn't hit the speaker pole! The speakers safely sit into aluminum speaker baskets coming off the sides, with everything sitting on a handmade stand. The stand itself is made of a heavy 14" diameter 3/8" laser cut steel plate, a 3 foot tall pole, and is 26 lbs before you even add the speakers and J-box! It is HEAVY so you know your speaker set is secure! This speaker set features both Bluetooth to stream your own music playlist from your phone or tablet, and has a built in MP3 player that is pre-loaded with hours and hours of vintage drive-in intermission and pre-show ads, car commercials, soda and snack ads, and other goodies all from the 1950s and 1960s!  Click the video below to see it in action!

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