Vintage 1940's "Peek-A-Boo" Pin-Up Drinking Glasses by H. Fishlove

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Here is a vintage set of “Peek-A-Boo” glasses from the 1940s. I bought these drinking glasses (amazingly with its case!) in the mid to late 90’s while antiquing in Pennsylvania. Upon arrival back home in Ohio I stopped by my Gram’s house for a meal and a visit. I thought these glasses were really cool looking, but I honestly had no idea what they did until my little grandmother told me, “When you pour in a cold drink their clothes come off!” Well how cool is that… I had no idea! Thanks Gram!

1940s Nudie Glasses1940s Nudie Glasses

So these glasses were made by a Chicago company founded in 1914 called H. Fishlove who made gag gifts that have been sold for decades all over the world. Wind-up jumping teeth, magnetic Scottie dogs, fake puke - you’ve seen their past work! With products often seen in the backs of old comic books or checking out at the pharmacy, they also were able to make decals with a white material called “Mystic” that seems to turn translucent when condensation forms outside the glass. Some of these glasses with these special decals started popping up in the late 1920s, but during the height of WWII and just after sales of the nudie glasses exploded from returning GIs. Many of these glasses had art from famous pinup artists of the day like Gil Elvgern and Alberto Vargas and were manufactured in major glass factories like Anchor Hocking and Libby! H. Fishlove continued to make gag gifts for decades, and was eventually bought out in the mid 1980s by Fun, Inc, who still operate today. Fun Inc. actually still produces many of the H. Fishlove’s most famous gag gifts!


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