Drive-In Speaker Restoration from the Cascade Drive-In, West Chicago, Illinois...

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Drive-In Speaker Restoration from the Cascade Drive-In, West Chicago, Illinois

Just a quick blog post on this April 1st, 2023 to show what came off the bench this week! I realize it's April Fools Day, but these drive-in speakers are no joke! These speakers were pulled from the closed Cascade Drive-In Theater that was in West, Chicago, Illinois. They are DITMCO/SPECO "Drive-In's", which were originally designed by RCA. In my opinion they are some of the best sounding drive-in speakers ever made. They just have a fuller range and seem louder compared to other brands with the exact same speaker drivers in them.

Like my other restorations these now feature Bluetooth and MP3 and are pre-loaded with with hundreds of vintage drive-in movie pre-show trailers, intermission clips, old B-movie trailers, automobile, soft drink, and gas station ads! And of course, you can connect the Bluetooth to your phone or tablet and you can stream your music from your device!

Check out this video here for them in action, as well as some before and after shots!

Here is a look at the speaker set in action and some more photos:


Before Restoration!

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