Vintage Silver King Gumball Machine Partial Restoration

February 06, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

1940's Silver King Gumball Machine with a Partial Restoration

Yellow Vintage Silver King Gumball MachineYellow Vintage Silver King Gumball Machine


This is a vintage Silver King penny gumball machine that I had in the shop this week.  This particular model came out like this in 1946 and were a hammered blue, silver, or red paint (if it had a heater for warm peanuts).  I have a hammered blue one that takes nickels in my living room at home, and it happens to be one of my favorite models!  Even though the yellow paint isn't original, it has been on there for a very long time and the new owners wanted to keep the original patina on it so it would still look old.  Interestingly, the yellow almost favors the color of the slightly older version of the Silver King machine that was porcelain instead of paint! 

If you watch my video below, the inside was pretty nasty and I know I wouldn't eat anything that came though that!  So I opted for a partial restoration where everything on the inside was redone, but everything external was left alone to keep that vintage vibe!  This resulted in a lot of masking off of parts, but it turned out well.  There were also some broken and missing pieces that had to be sourced, as well as getting the correct decal for the globe.  It turned out to be a fun little job and I really hope I get lucky enough to come across some more Silver Kings to do some more! 

Watch the restoration video below!


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