Bluetooth Simplex Drive-In Speaker Set & What Happened To Colored Hammered Spray Paints?

November 14, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

SimplexBlueTitlePicSimplexBlueTitlePic I've been neglecting my Blog duties... but I have been busy!  October is always my family's busiest month because of some birthdays and a fall break from school for my wife (a teacher) and kid.  I have gotten some projects done, and one recent project is this beautiful blue and silver Simplex drive-in speaker set sitting on a Motiograph junction box.  Like my other drive-in speaker sets it features Bluetooth and MP3, and comes pre-loaded with hundreds of vintage ads from the 1950s and 1960s!  

However, (here comes the rant):  What the heck has happened to COLORED Hammered paints in a spray can?  Honestly, some of it seemed to start before the pandemic, but since then they are just GONE.  If you don't know what hammered paint is, look closely at this drive-in speaker set and you see thousands upon thousands of tiny little divots, dings, and deviations in the paint.  Almost like it was hit a million times with a tiny hammer!  Well, you can find black, bronze, silver, and golds.... but what has happened to COLOR?  The dark blue like these speakers, light blues, greens, and reds?  Gone!  I understand that HAMMERITE brand is no longer sold in the USA, but it is in other countries.  But what about Rustoleum or Krylon?  Those guys USED to make the paint in colors.  Those of us in the drive-in speaker circles, as well as vintage machinery and tractor restoration are REALLY missing the availability of these paints!  Someone step up please!

Anyhow, enough ranting!  Check out this awesome speaker set that is heading off to live near the beach in Florida tomorrow!

Click here to watch it in action!




IMG_3565IMG_3565 hammer hammered paint blue simplex drive-in speaker set bluetooth mp3 vintage krylon rustoleum hammerite kilz silver red blue green dark light restoration kanauga kool


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