Frankenstein Day 2021!

August 29, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

It's National Frankenstein Day 2021!

Franken-Go!Franken-Go!A profile shot of Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's Monster that I did for Frankenstein Day (August 30th, 2021). I did this with Sharpies on Bristol board, then scanned and colored in Photoshop. The sharpie thing was something different than I normally do, but I liked how it turned out.

Yep, August 30th is National Frankenstein Day, which is celebrated on Mary Shelley's birthday each year.  I haven't drawn much this past summer, but Frankenstein's monster is one of my favorite muses, so I had to do something new for the day!  I grabbed some sharpies and tried something that is a bit different from what I usually do This red, yellow, & green piece you see I call "Franken-Go!" is the result!  Below is a little bit of the process before I colored it in Photoshop.  

Karloff Frankenstein Process 8-29-2021Karloff Frankenstein Process 8-29-2021

Like I said above, Frankenstein has always been a muse for me.  Here is some of my other past "Frankenstein" art!   

Frankenbilly / Rockabilly FrankesteinFrankenbilly / Rockabilly Frankestein Frankenstein's MonsterFrankenstein's Monster FrankenrubbleFrankenrubble Huckenstein InkedHuckenstein Inked Smokin' FrankSmokin' Frank Olive Oyl as The Bride of FrankensteinOlive Oyl as The Bride of Frankenstein Bride of FrankensteinBride of Frankenstein Herman Munster / Christmas Santa HatHerman Munster / Christmas Santa Hat



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