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Welcome back to the Drive-In Theater!

I live in a climate where most of our drive-in theaters stay open year round.  Normally, that's a great thing but the past year or more it hasn't been with very little releases coming out due to Covid-19.  Heck, my family probably went to the regular movie theater 2-3 times a month - plus drive-in showings. Much more during the summer releases.  But thankfully Warner Bros. decided to do a theatrical release of Godzilla vs. Kong this past weekend!  My family was really looking forward to seeing this at the drive-in.  We didn't have high hopes for Oscar caliber acting from the lizard and the monkey, but we wanted something big, dumb, and fun!  It delivered. 

Hopefully we will get more new first run movies to watch, but I really hope the drive-ins stick with the nostalgic movies that kept them afloat from last year.  Seeing movies like Back to the Future, Gremlins, Jaws, American Graffiti, and Grease again was so much fun!  I wish my theater would step back into the catalogs even further and show Hitchcock, Universal Monsters, or some film noir of the late '30s into the '50s!  But I live in a pretty rural place, so if they ever did that my son and I would probably be the only ones there!  My wife probably wouldn't come either.  LOL!

Welcome back to the Drive-In Theater!

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