About Art by Kanauga Kool

I started drawing as soon as I could hold a crayon in my hand and now mainly work with pencils, ink, marker.  I hand draw everything on various types of paper, and sometimes will scan the penciled/inked illustrations and ad color digitally.  My art usually has a retro-pop style and is heavily influenced by classic animated cartoons, rock n’ roll, Star Wars, Disney, fantasy, and Universal Monsters!

Please visit my Art For Sale page to purchase my art directly from me by clicking here!  

Please click HERE to look at more examples of my drawings at my online gallery.

Some of my art can be purchased on my eBay page here.

Sorry, I am not currently taking on commissions.

Kanauga Kool Art 1Kanauga Kool Art 1Drawings by Kanauga Kool / J. Lisle - Paul McCartlney, Elvis as The King Wiener, The Hatbox Ghost, and Santa Claus / The Who.

Kanauga Kool Art 2Kanauga Kool Art 2Drawings by Kanauga Kool / J. Lisle - Han Solo & Chewbacca / Yukon Cornelius & The Bumble mashup, Big Boy is a KISS / Gene Simmons Fan, Tomy Rascal Robot, and Herman Munster with his Santa Claus Hat.

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