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A collection of my drawings. All of my art is drawn by hand with pencils. After, I sometimes ink them, color with markers or colored pencil Sometimes I scan the black and white image and color the drawings on the computer. There are also a few water colors shown as well. Many of these drawings are for sale as either originals or prints. Contact me for purchasing information.
Frightened Graveyard GhostPopeye's Frankenstein MonsterHome Sweet Stone - The Flintstone's HouseFred Flintstone & Barney Rubble - The Loyal Order of Water BuffaloesGrogu / Baby Yoda with a BasketballA Simple SantaFranken-Go!MuttleyDick DastardlyWrench Head Wooden Cut OutWoody WoodpeckerOswald The Lucky RabbitBoba Fett's HelmetBlue ChristmasOlive Oyl as The Bride of FrankensteinNestle Quik BunnyMoose!Felix The CatFrankenstein's MonsterThe Gill Man