A Look Back... Vintage Photos by Kanauga KoolA Look Back... Vintage Photos by Kanauga Kool

A Look Back: Photos of People, Places, & Antiques from Yesterday

I have scanned just over 7,000 film negatives, slides, and photographs in the past five years. The bulk of which was comprised of a treasure trove of media saved by both of my late Grandmothers, parent's personal photo albums, family member's albums, scrapbooks, photos and postcards that I have purchased while shopping for antiques. These images range from the late 1860's to the 1970's. I have decided to share some of these images that I have found interesting. Some people I have not been able to identify or find and contact a living relative. It's my hope that by making it public some of these people and places might get identified by family members. As you will see, many photos are from old cabinet card portraits, postcard camera photos, or just general snapshots of life decades ago. Some photographs are of public places or destinations that I think others might be interested in seeing. Because of where both sides of my family originate a majority of these images are in Southeastern Ohio and the surrounding areas - but not all! I may also slip in some photos of antiques and ephemera that I have collected and historical places that I may have visited as well. This gallery will also be growing as I plan to add more photos as I edit and research them. This is "A Look Back"...




Antique Photos by Kanauga KoolAntique Photos by Kanauga Kool


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